from my heart

so as the time past by so slowly people in the twin towers was just getting along and minding there own business. not knowing about what was going to happen. every body knew we was hated all over the world but at 8:46  hatred just went to far.

at 8:46 came KABOOM. the first hijacked plane 9:03 another one KABOOM.every body knew what happened was just going to happened and nobody could change it.  so, as joy came to sadness, as  smile came to frowns, as giggles came to moan. I was just only 6years old at the time. my school let  me out i got in the door my mom gave me a hug i look at her funny. until she told me what hapend.

so all those lives that are not here any more those fireman’s who DIED trying to SAVE THOSE  people i just want to say please REST IN PEACE.

PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT THE 9/11citytrace.jpg 911 image by lilcougar111